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fraudulenntly took money on paytm

Complain Detail:-> today at 4:30 pm i received a message from one of my close friends facebook messenger.person asked me to help me and give him some money.for verifying that it was my friend i tried calling him on his number but could not talk to him.later the person who messeged said that he is in big problem and it is about his life..send me some money...i thought it was my friend and sent him 300 rs on paytm no.9672388131.later when i could call my friend ,i came to know that someone else took money from me on his name using his fb account.on paytm his name was being shown as rahul. when i searched that paytm no. on fb it was linked with account of vishal jha.i am giving the link to his fb account.- one other possibility is that he is some person named amit, whom my friend suspect of having his id.his no. is 8887903708

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