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Loan fraud

Complain Detail:-> I'M AMALRAJR Age 21 SON Of Rajagopal and Ambily ,  FROM India , Kerala , Alappuzha ,  recently applied for a loan on Bajaj finance amount :30000.  I applied online on Bajaj finance  website  And I got back from their office  regarding my loan application. And they told me to send all documents on whatsapp and I sent them . after some time I got response from them that my loan is approved and they have sent me my loan application and emi details and told me there is a processing fee of 1250 rupees once I pay the money my loan will be credited to my account  so I paid the amount because I wanted the loan amount so badly .and I got a mail from them stating there is a loan insurance charge due to covid   amount 3820 .. because of this amount my loan is on hold so the agent told me if I pay the amount my loan will credit to my account within  in 5 minutes  so I paid that .. after this again I got a mail stating the loan in hold due to RBI PAPER charge amount 5820 . And agent told we have approved the money and rbi is holding ur loan so pay this amount and the loan will be credited ...I didn't had any other options so I paid this amount too . because I trusted Bajaj finance .. after that again I got a mail from them stating there is a one time otp charge of 8820 I need to pay that ..then I calle them and told I payed 10890 totally for this loan because I trusted u ..and again and again ur telling me to pay this and that so I told I don't have any money to sent ..and I was so sad because I trusted them and they were cheating me so they told me to wait one day I waited because they were answering my call and they were in touch with me so morning I called them and I asked any updates on my loan and the agent told I need to pay 8820 after that the money will be credited so I told I don't have any money to sent and he told be that's you issues not mine then again I told I paid 10890 because I trusted u and then. He was like if u want the loan pay the amount and he disconnected my call .. I'm a salaried person I oly get 14000 per month I paid all the money I hŕd to Bajaj finance because I wanted the loan  . Because my mom was  in hospital so I wanted money and they told me what ever you are paying I will get refund so I paid but they cheated me .they should be punished for this so many people are getting into their trap . Plz save everyone ..I want justice ..   want my money back I work so hard to get this money they are  cheating poor people who want loan for urgent  they will use them and finally they  will trap him .. I don't know how many others are  getting trapped by them daily that's why I'm filing this complaint no one else should be in this situation like me I'm a victim now I want to save everyone from their clutches  I called the agents to know about the refund again and  they are picking my calls but no response on the refund and telling me to wait for their response  I can't wait any further because they cheated I wanted the loan so baldy and they used me because I was in a place  like somehow I wanted money . I want them to be punished .for their inhuman brutality against me ..they don't even have feelings .I was crying when I got to know about the OTP CHARGE  I told them I don't even have a single penny to buy food still they were like pay the amount and next day I asked for refund they was like if u want loan u pay. I told plz  refund what I have paid  they were not even listening  what I was saying and disconnected my call . Again I called them and they told wait for 24 hour . already I waited for 24 hours so . again I called then they were like we have work here u don't have to call us again and again  then they said if u r calling us again and again will u get ur money so they told don't disturb them it will take time  and after that I got a call from another guy stating he is calling from head office and told me to send all the documents and payment receipts so I sended everything to him and waited after some time he called me and told pay 5000 ur loan will credit to your account .so I told I don't have that much money ..then after some time again he called and told pay 2100  I told I don't have anything give me refund so he told then call the branch that processed ur application then he disconnected the call and then no response from home then another guy called in what's app told the send 5000 . I told no money then again he told sent 4000 . I gaved the same rply to him also now he also don't have anything to say and told me to contact the branch  . I'm a victim of their now .no one else should be in my situation one else should get trapped by them so I'm filing this complaint to get justice for everyone who have been in their trap . Please  do the needful and help me to get my money back and they should get the punishment for doing this inhuman brutality against a human who is in need of money and asked for their help and they robbed cash  without even thinking that I'm also a human being I aslo have a family to take care atleast they should think of this pandemic situation how everyone are struggling without job and money still they  cheated  me  they don't even have humanity the smallest quality of a human being  .today I'm their victim, tomorrow there will be so many people . I want justice not oly for me who ever trapped in thier clutches I want justice for all of them who trusted them and they cheated every one without humanity   .. I will fight till my death for this and I trust our judiciary , media, law and order . I  have faith because truth is in my side and  whatever I paid them that money is my hardwork so that money I will get back someday . Who all are doing this scams to cheat people they should know if they do this kind of thing they will be punished for that . As proof  of the incident .I'm attaching the what's app chat screen shots , email that they have sended me , all the documents that they have sended me .. and all the payment receipts that I have sended them through Google pay ..and bank details they have provided me to send the money ..and the agents mobile number who called me as a proof to verify this Incident  below . Email address they provided : https://bjfinanceonlineslease Agents mobile numbers +91 90731 93264  +91 74949 69590 +91 70442 41889 +919007654358 +919123317932 Account details that they have provided BAJAJ FINANCE. BANK NAME:STATE BANK OF INDIA ACCOUNT NUMBER: 20249209171 IFSC CODE:  SBIN0001326 BAJAJ FINANCE. BANK NAME:STATE BANK OF INDIA ACCOUNT NUMBER: 34590986233 IFSC CODE: SBIN0000656 BRANCH:-Jaipur BAJAJ FINANCE. BANK NAME: STATE BANK OF INDIA ACCOUNT NUMBER : 35094204960 IFSC CODE :SBIN0000001 YOURS FAITHFULLY AMALRAJ R Thakidiveliyil Pathirapally P.o ,ALAPPUZHA , KERALA  ,688521 MOBILE: 7025033937

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