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Complain Detail:-> To, Mr cyber crime Sub. - Instagram online trading froud. Sir, Following is the request that I am an Instagram user, I was told by User trade.rraghav on 12-05-2021 that you can earn money through online trending, I was told that you have to send me some money which will take me 15-20 minutes. By trading in you, you will enjoy your profit with lotus. But Deepak Sahu was sleeping on the phonepe account, but he told me that this is my account. You transfer money to it. I showed interest and was told 1,500 rupees, sent it by Phonpe on mobile no. (7278908390). Then he told me that you have to send 2,000 more Transaction fee, I sent 2,000 more. But Then he told me send 2,000 more and I will send you 10,000, I sent 2,000 again on the same number. I said send me 10,000 now, he said that you have to send 2,000 security deposit, I told him that you are froud with me, please do not do this and give me your amount, he said that it is not in your You will give me 2,000 rupees before you send me 2,000 rupees. In this way, he took me 5,500 rupees, I requested him a lot but he was not ready to give my money, then I threatened him that I would complain but he did not reply. , Then I messaged on the number from which I sent the money that I will be compliant with you! Then he messaged me with another number (8240914352), why are you sending me the stolen money, you stop the police complaint, we are going and we are going to stop blackmailing me or else it will be very bad. I told him that I have a chat history, and through some technology he removed his account from my ID. Now his account is not showing on my ID. But I have some screenshots. My PhonePe mobile number is 7737889110 and trade. The phone number of raghav is 7278908390. Information is transmitted in your service, so you are requested to please take appropriate action. Thank you, Date -13-05-2021 Applicant Asad Ansari Indra Colony Extension, Pali Rajasthan Mob- 7737889110

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