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fraud for 2.53 lakhs

Complain Detail:-> these guys are selling phones for a very cheap price. I ordered one for 24000 and they ordered it and sent me the confirmation screenshot of and told me to wait. then they asked me for money for clearing the Indian customs. I paid small small amounts with their assurance that it is refundable. as they kept asking me for more money, I canceled the order and asked for a refund. they promised me a full refund after 3 weeks. They have stooped replying to me , I went into depression because of them, even had suicidal thoughts but I need my money. Please, someone, help me. I have lost 2.53 lakhs and I am from a middle-class family.I  have  all  the  payment  proofs  and  one of  the  original bank  account  number.Original  owner  is-  Param   Ahuja  Instgram-

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