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Phishing attack money transferred to airtel bank

Complain Detail:-> Hi Team, Today my sister received a call from a fraudster ., a person pretending to be calling from RBI. The caller tricked her into revealing her ATM card details such as the card number ,expiry date and CVV number . Then the caller asked my sister to reveal the set of OTPs sent to her registered mobile number. A few minutes later an amount of 30,000/- was debited from her account. By the time she informed me about the incident , it was too late. One transaction of 25,000/- went for Airtel Bank and the other 5000/- to some account. Request you to please block the airtel bank account with the below transaction number. Requesting your help to get back my hardearned money. Fraudster phone number- 7998732649 My mobile number - +91-810550551 The transaction details are as below . 17-April-2018 by debit card- OTHPG - 629246 AIRTELMONEY MUMBAI 17-April-2018 by debit card- SBIPG - NT6229538619 SBIBUDDY MUMBAI

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