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dealer not sending phone or refund

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I contacted a mobile phone dealer on He asked me to pay advance of Rs.1000 and the rest of the money on delivery. We payed it but later the person said, "Sorry sir we do not have Cash-on-delivery-stock we have only prepaid stock. You will have to switch to prepaid to receive phone." The person was well mannered, so we agreed to it and payed Rs.11,600 discounted price and Rs.2610 of GST. On not receiving the phone, when contacted, the official informed that the phone got broken during delivery. We asked for immediate refund but since then they have been ignoring calls and messages. Now their phones are not reachable.

Contact numbers of fraudsters :1) 91614 06984

2)75709 08303

3)91617 35097


UPI Id of fraudster: 9725292814@upi

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