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These people call unknown persons preplanned and ask them to play online casino games ,they provide bank account details to deposit, if we win they give some excuse and tell some story and they don't give payout ,they keep on telling stories and they tell they are busy ,they answer all calls and give response but they don't pay money,these type of people show some website to play online casino games and loot our money, never trust these type of people Wasim rozani very repuated person from mumbai

Complain Detail:-> Wasim rozani and candy works with bigdaddy casino goa ,they use bigdaddy casino names and looted money from me ,if I cal to bigdaddy casino they say they are not under them ,but these people are very highly talented persons to loot money and tell stories Stay away from these kind of people Their name and mobile number im attaching Candy (bug Daddy casino poker employee) 9158115298 Wasim rozani (brother of ceo) 9967222228

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