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Complain Detail:-> One friend to whom I met on instagram first then number exchanged so just telling him about my home so telling about the financial problem so he leaves in London he said I am sending the amount and parcel and now someone send the message on WhatsApp that your parcel got arrested you need to 45,000 to release.And when I called on same number one guy picked the call and said sis may be you get a Fraud message her sister also had a word with and said the same tha we never use the WhatsApp on this number And now that friend who sent the parcel he is saying pay the amount but its all fraud and he said if you will not pay this amount the officers will arrest me and today morning I received a call and one girl said your parcel as per her voice totally she is not like professional she said the same pay the amount and now when I am calling they block the number and yesterday WhatsApp number also blocked Please tell me what to do help me

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