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Fraud on OLX via Fake QRCode

Complain Detail:-> As per below mentioned complaint, I tried to sell my washing machine on OLX on 9th June. Deceiver shared QR code on WhatsApp to pay me via Google pay App. As soon as I got the QR code and I opened G-Pay ,linked the QR Code without asking my 4 digit pin linked with Google Pay and debited 42,000 INR from the linked account(IndusInd Bank-159582386102) in 6 transactions of 7000 each at 4- 5PM. Regarding First party Bank (IndusInd Bank-From where my money got debited in Gurugram) : I didn't receive any notification then and there and received the same from bank at 11:45 PM. I filed the complaint in the bank within 24 hrs. but there is no response from the bank till Now. Had i been received SMS intimating the transaction in real time, so that Further loss of 35000 could be avoided. Bank could have some monitoring system to observe such frequent UPI transaction and alert should generate that automatically block the account for next transactions. Regarding Second party Bank (Kotak Bank- where my money had credited and withdraw in Rajasthan) : Upon checking with Cyber cell , I got to know that my money has transferred to this account(5812925107)of Kotak bank in Rajasthan. Kotak bank has refused to share details(account holder name/address)of deceiver as I dont have any account in Kotak bank. Bank should have a monitoring system to check these kind of fraudulent transactions where the money credited and debit so frequently with 0 balance with no accountability on creating these accounts being used for criminal offences. I requested RBI to take strict action on Kotak bank and check how the accounts created using fake ID's and recover my hard earn money of 42000 from the account holder if its having genuine account holder account else from the bank who created such fake accounts on basis of fake ID. Bank also could have monitoring system to observe frequent UPI transaction and alert should generate that automatically block the account. RBI Compliant number regarding first party bank-201920016022050 RBI Compliant number regarding second party bank-201920010022870 Cyber Cell complaint number-22506200031930 As I intimated the bank within 24 hrs. of fraud I should be indemnified for financial loss of 42000 in line with the BCSBI fair practices code. I shall be thankful to you. Also, I approached the police but there is no help from their end too and responded to check the same from the concerned bank. Active phone numbers by deceiver are : 8398059936 7318660075 8400838234 9223011112 No action taken from any police department / Bank / Third part APP service(OLX/G-Pay/Paytm) / My network company Airtel where I got these fraudulent calls yet. Ready to share all artifacts/Proof with the police to support them in any way in investigation. Seeking help and justice!!.

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