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otp fraud

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir, As i got a call from mobile no.6381603267 sating that they are calling from SBI bank as our card has been blocked for non usage from long time hence we have called you to reactivate , so we request you to share the OPT sent from bank , we Asumming that the card was not used from long back has shared the details to the caller but immidietly we got a message of getting amount debited from our account no. 62399459650 SBI bank  on online purchase , hence we request you to help us in getting refund of amount RS 14999+4000 =18999 transaction reference no.POS ATM Purch 014604608487TR on 25th May 2020, hence request you to trace the frauder by contact no. and help us in getting refund  Regards Mohammed  Account Holder SBI Bank  Bellary

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