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Made fraudulent transaction on credit card by posing as ICICI bank personal

Complain Detail:-> On March 01, 2018 - I had received a call from Vipin (ID: V101572) at 10:32 am from +919911098900 saying that your ICICI credit card has been selected and you will receive 5X benefits. He said, I am calling on behalf of the ICICI bank. I asked him to call at 11:30. At 11:32 he called again, explaining all the benefits I will receive. It was a package with multiple services. He asked that to avail the package I need to pay INR 8470. Seeing that it was from ICICI bank, I agreed to purchase the package. In about a minute, I got a call from Rakesh +911149093991 telling again about benefits. Without giving me any time to think, he took me to IVR process where I filled in all details (card number XXXX-6002, expiry, CVV and OTP). Then I received a message that payment has been made in name of GENESIS PROGRAM. After the payment, I again got a call from two different numbers +919164498128 at 12:42 pm and +911149039838 at 12:47 pm asking about my email id to send package details and saying that it is promotional. After this, I got suspicious and checked about them on internet. I could not find any details on genesis mart program by ICICI bank. Instead, I find out a lot of complaints on consumer forum about this fraudulent company. I called their helpline number as mentioned in their mail 01145052898 for cancelling the order and refund the amount. The correspondent talked very rudely and declined saying that there is no cancellation and no refund. It was only 2 hours since I made the payment. I have got my credit card blocked, however ICICI bank is refusing to revert or block the transaction and take a complaint against the fraudulent vendor. In spite of me raising a complaint against the transaction, the transfer of the amount to the vendor is not blocked. Sakshi Saini

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