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trying to scam via upi

Complain Detail:-> I ordered 2 T-Shirts on online on 16th Mar, the total was INR629, I received my order on 19th Mar and paid cash for my order. When i opened the package i received a completetly different order, those were 2 same white T-Shirts of cheap quality. I went online to find their contact number however they do not have any contact number all they have is an email address to write to them ( So i wrote them about the wrong order being delivered, As i did not receive any reply so i went on their Facebook and Instagram page and sent them message, still there was no acknowledgement. Today in the morning i received a call from +919749304180 from someone named Raghav saying that i tried calling them regarding my order, He asked for my order no. (57769TB) and he knew that order number ends with TB, after getting the order details he said due to some error the wrong items were delived and said we will refund you the money if you have Google Pay or UPI, i said i only have paytm and that too without UPI, He said we cannot transfer to Paytm its only UPI or Google pay, I said i paid cash to return my money and take this order back. He said he will check and callback. I did not receive any callback. So i called back in the evening and spoke to the same person named Raghav, he asked for the order number again and pretended as he do not remeber about our conversation,  I provided the order number again and he said he has checked but refund is possible only via UPI or Google pay, I said i have UPI and my HDFC account is registered, He said do you have any other account, I said I have State Bank of India account aswell, then next ques was do i receive any message from SBI if i make any transaction, I said yes, So he gave me a number and told me we are placing a return request and will send a link to your phone and you need to forward the link to our toll free number 9223011112 and we will send someone to pick the order back and refund the money. I have heard about these kind of frauds where in link is sent and once you forward that link all the money from your accont is gone. I told him that you do not have any toll free number mentioned on your website, he said its linked wuth their Andhra Bank account and asked me to hold on so that he can send the link. I dissconnected the call and checked on google and with this number 9223011112, the first thing i found was people were scammed through this number and after few minutes i started receiving calls from +916297870053, as mentioned online.  I Tried calling back on +919749304180 however he did not answer, I tried finding more info about this company however unable to get much info.  Kindly help in resolving this so that others and not scammed by these people.

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