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Work Home Data Entry Job Fraud

Complain Detail:-> Respected Sir, As here I inform to you that below link Globaltechworksolution persons called me on 06.03.2019 from the attached screen shots two number, and asking to me that can you able to do the work from home, then I said okay I can do, and he said there is no paid amount required from you and can you complete the form which I give you 700 forms within one week , once you completed then you can get per form 24 RS and you can easily earn 17500 RS from home itself by using which we given to you one username and password and these username and password you can use it for filling forms after one week we will call u once u completed 700 forms and same time we can transfer your amount to your bank account by using INB or GOOGLE PAY.... So as per their statement I can done this job around 5 days 461 forms, but suddenly on 5th day, after Completion of 461 forms they called me and says you blocked user id and password so for again open Your account you have pay 4000 rs, but I said I never pay any single money, it's not a my fault and it's absolutely your fault and you people once doing like this kind of cheat... But they are forcing me to pay for 4000 RS , or else you will face police case, So I said I also going to complaint on you very soon for your cheating me around 11000 for 461 forms, But they called me frequently and threading me to pay. But I won't pay any single money... So please consider on this case as soon as possible and please do the needful.. Attached Screenshot two number person calling me and forcing me to pay.... So I blocked those persons number in caller and WhatsApp also, one person name is vinay and another person name is I don't know sir... And please note that I have only one evidence on them , that is only WhatsApp Screen shot photo sir.... Please do the needful....

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