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Reg: Issuing fake insurance policy by using names TATAIG AND Policy Bazaar

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir, From, M. H. Ramesh, S/O M. Hanumanthu Naidu, 53 & 54, S S Enclave, Flat No.003, 3rd Main, 7th Cross, Ramanjaneya Nagar, Subramanyapura Post, Bangalore - 560061, Mobile: 9448265865. SUB: ONLINE CHEATING FOR CAR INSURANCE POLICY BY ROHIT SHARMA. Dear Sir, Here i am informing and complaining to you cheating case against Mr. Rohit Sharma Mobile Numbers: 7373053488, 7428429858 and Mail id:, Office Address: Plot No: 119, Sector 114,Gurugram, Haryana - 12200, Bank Account Number in which premium transferred to: Agent Name: ROHIT SHARMA (PW242) Agent Contact Numbers: 7373053488, 7428429858 Account Name: POLICY BAZAAR ACCOUNT 60353223155 Bank Name: BANK OF MAHARASHTRA Branch Address: NAJAFGARH IFSC Code: MAHB0001414 Amount Transferred: 17700/- Date of Transaction: 05/03/2020 He Rohit Sharma cheated me on giving fake insurance policy on behalf of Policy Bazaar online portal and in the name of TATAAIG general insurance company. For this transaction cheater Rohit Sharma communication details as follows and all documents ( mail communication, whatsapp communication, sms communication attached), Kindly requesting you to please take prior action and to avoid more people losing their money through this type of fake persons and cheating companies like me. I have Innova car bearing number KA55 M 8809 and i tried to renew my car policy through online portals. On searching time many insurance companies and their representatives called me and gave their quotes to me also. In this process finally i received whatsapp message on 03/03/2020 like we are from Policy Bazaar portal and we will provide you insurance on best prices from mobile number +917373053488. I thought Policy Bazaar is the most reputed company (because I have past experiences in this insurance company) and decided to go with this one. After several discussions they offered for Rs.17700/- as final price and they started forcing me to pay through Paytm or Google pay and you are getting 5% to 10% instant additional discount like that. On 03/03/2020 i am not shown interest to pay through these apps and even i am not attracted to these offers. I am strictly informed them I will transfer through RTGS, through my company account only. On 04/03/2020 finally i received their bank details along with policy terms through mail (Mail id: On the same day I did not make payment and waited to check. After several mail communications, phone calls and whatsapp messages (Agent Contact Numbers: 7373053488, 7428429858) i made payment through NEFT with my account details as follows: Account Name: MHN STONES AND STONE DESIGNS, Account Number:015105300004543 Bank Name: DHANALAKSHMI BANK Branch: KORAMANGALA IFSC CODE: DLXB0000151 Transaction date: 05/03/2020 UTR No: P20030532372022 / B20030532371698. Upto this stage I have confidence because this bank account name is in the name of POLICY BAZAAR. Here only they simply blamed me by using this account name as POLICY BAZAAR. After making payment I immediately received a policy copy in the name of TATAAIG. Here only I had a little doubt and asked them how it's possible to issue a policy copy without getting a confirmation message or call from main insurance company TATAAIG. For this they informed please wait 24 hours you are getting confirmation call from TATAAIG. Again I waited and started phone calls,mail and whatsapp communication with them seriously. After my force on them they wont lift my calls, won't see whatsapp messages and not replying my mails. In this stage after they did not responded, then I knew something went wrong after checking their mail id with domain names. After 06/03/2020 also they have not at all lifted my calls and not responded to my mails, whatsapp messages. After this i called TATAAIG customer care centre and explained all the details along with my policy number. TATAAIG representatives. They told me this policy number is fake and your mobile number and vehicle number are not listed with our data and they received my complaint, they said please wait 72 hours we will investigate and get back to you like that through mail and phone calls. After several phone calls and mails TATAAIG representatives informed me please forward all mail, whatsapp communication done with cheater Rohit Sharma. I forwarded all the communications with cheater Rohit Sharma to TATAAIG representatives and still they informed me it's in investigation stage like that. Also on 11/03/2020 i contacted main Policy Bazaar customer care and complained with them but they won't respond to me still. Finally on 11/03/2020 i tried to connect cheater Rohit Sharma on dialing with many different different phone numbers he is not at all lifted. Finally in the evening he lifted my call and I shouted on Rohit Sharma, he disconnected my call. And i tried to communicate through sms and for sms communication he replied like me as follows: Me: time: 5:55 pm yesterday. Hi i know ur Rohit Sharma. Ur not lifting my call & not responding my mails. Now i already complained to TATAAIG & original Policy Bazaar companies. If ur not sorting my issue by day or two i am complaining cyber crime in Bangalore along with mediamon you, TATAAIG & Policy Bazaar. Why ur cheating like this peoples. Because my policy also already expired and i am unable to drice and renew one more time to pay. Rohit Sharma reply: OK sirour contact no, name and bank account everything tatally fraud and you do anything i dont care. Me: how dare you are sending this message even after cheating me Mr. Rohit Sharma. I will file a complaint in Cyber Crime Branch tomorrow and see your end for all this type of frauds. I have your account bank details, contact numbers and many things. So i think so there is no way you can escape. Lets me see where you will run... Rohit Sharma Reply: ok sir our all details wrong t.c dont waste your time and our time.

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