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Work from home fraud job

Complain Detail:-> Sir/Madam, This is Abbas ali my friend has refered me for a job work from home so I have called them n speaked with them they said u have to enter the 1400 forms in ten days ull get a good salary so I accepted and followed the procedure for confirmation they said to send a photo and id proof after this they sent the application software and said me to write ur name on plane paper and send it I have done wat they said now they are saying that I have signed an agreement with them and I have done wrong form filling now I have to pay the money 7thousand how can I pay for them sir they are frauding with me and torturing everyday to pay the money iam a student studying 3rd year BE engineering I have accepted because of they are giving me a job from home but now they harassing me we will file academy on u and complaint on u in police station if I won't pay money for them how it will be sir I have to pay them 7thousand without any agreement they done fraud and said to send my name on plane paper now they are saying its an agreement I belong from poor family and studying on scholarships they torturing me and harassing everyday calling me from unknown numbers and threatening me saying we have filed case complaint and all !!! Help me sir from this fraud job peoples

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