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Complain Detail:-> Seller Meena Vilas Landge who claims to be an ARMY SOLDIER promised and delivered this ACTIVA from Nagpur to Mumbai (Dombivli) with ARMY POSTAL SERVICE receipt on 18th Afternoon and requested me to pay 3120 as a part of Transport charges therefore I paid. On 19th Morning I got a call from a number 9675530541 who claims to be a Army Transport company as per google pay account requested me to pay 19,880 remaining amount as a part of security deposit , so I paid the same as he claimed that its under ARMY guidelines and policies. Then after a while I got a call from 8708961457 ravikumar who claims to be a Transport Driver who insisted me to first pay 11,250 as a part of insurance which will be refunded back as soon as the vehicle is delivered and literally forced me to pay. So, I paid the same. Soon, he said that it should be 11200 + 50 separate payments so I again made a payment separately.. I did. Then the same previous guy forced insisted troubled me to pay 11250 + 11200+50 = 22500 and he said that the active is delivered in 10 mins. I paid. Then I got a call from army Transport number 9675530541 and he said you have to pay 16,408 as a part of Gate pass for activa when I paid, he quickly called and said that its a incorrect transaction and 16,460 needs to be paid instead of 16408. So, I informed them that I crossed my google pay limits. He said, arrange it from others and pay as soon as possible. So I requested my colleague to make the payment of 16,460 on 9675530541. She checked and found that this number is just 5 days ago activated however she paid the amount. She got a call from HDFC bank and they blocked her account stating that this is an fraudulent number and action is been taken against the number. She is scared now. Then I got to know that all this is scam. ARMY transport called me again and asked for more 22,000 that is when I told them that I will not do any transaction as all my limits have been crossed. By this time I made a payment of 1,00,868 not sure why I did this but I feel I have been hypnotized as I usually never do such transactions and till now I just feel why did I make such huge mistake I was stuck and honestly I was under an impression that as its under ARMY authorities everything gets recorded and safe but I wasn't knowing that this was a great scam...Therefore I need your help please. I cried a lot and I just went under depression as soon as this happened. Is this the way people take advantage of being into ARMY. Is this nation wants. I want you to raise a complaint against all these three people. I am expecting a call from your Team. Please treat this matter urgently. As I don't want any other person to be in this trouble. Note:- 7849842266 - meena vilas - claims to be a owner of the activa - what's app dp - ARMY SOLDIER 8708961457 - ravi kumar - claims to be a delivery boy - what's app dp - ARMY SOLDIER 9675530541 - Google pay - Army Transport Company - no whats app. All my transactions are in this number. I know it's my fault however I need your help in this matter and will never do such mistake.

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