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Some Unkown caller is harrassing my friend, she is a girl. Whenever she make/receive a call to anyone, he is calling and messaging, she is very uncomfortable and mentally disturbed a lot, not eating well and being alone not joining anyone,she is onto depression and we fear alot about her, I request the cyber department to log this complaint as the serious issue, as if we see her we fear a lot as she is talking unwantedly and whatever she wants in tension and fear.  I want to trace the guy immeadiatly on top priority.   We stay at Hyderabad and we are corporate workers. One more imp thing is that she lost her phone recently and buyed a new one from then she is getting this calls and messages. Below files have uploaded the OLD mobiles IMEI NUMBER> 865574039057557 and 86557403907540.   Please get the details of the Number which are starting with the +16,13,14,18 etc those are the calls she is receiving every day and messages also.. refer to the below attached files and please looking to this as a secret case as we do not want to expose ourselfs, and please help us with this case.   Here down I have shared to some reference number which looks like abroad numbers, hundreds of calls coming daily.  Need an action on this very priorly and seriously.    Let me know if any information needed. Will support you in all ways.  But we need the solution for this as we want our girl to be normal. as she is making unwanted decisions about her life.  if very horible for us to see her like that.   please take a serious action. 

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  1. TeamCyber Complaint

    | Wed, 11 Mar 2020

    Subject:- harrasment

    Comments:- Thanls for writting to us. The victim should approach local police staion or cyber police station in hyderabad.with complete details for enquiry and latter investigation by virtue of FIR.

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