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ticket issued with cc and asking reverse

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir / Madam I would like to inform you that a person named Alex working for Safari Logistics and Maritime Ghana office holding mobile no 00233240975856 and email address send us a mail for issuing tickets through the passengers credit cards and even the passenger holding the card have travelled , However the airlines updated us that the passenger had asked for the reversal of the amount after he or she have completed their travel journey. I am sending you all the card details and the passport copies of some passengers as well as the conversation between me and Mr Alex stating that we can ho ahead and issue the tickets of all the passengers whose details he is sending via email and the payment be taken through the card holders card who is also  travelling  with  his/ her collegues . And after they are completing their respected journies they are asking for a charge back  from the bank and now the airlines have sent us the charge back So I would like to request you to please register a case against these passengers so that we dont have to give the charge back as they are doing fraud on their own

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