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He made an fake advertise selling kittens

Complain Detail:-> This man moloy das kumar contacted me through olx. I found his advertise on olx as i wanted to adopt an kitty so as olx gives us option to make any deal at lower price so i made an deal to this man to decrease amount so after that this man directly made an call to me and told everything and asked for my whatsapp number to share details so i shared my contact number and he sended my pics and price of his kitty's and described me about there nature and that stuff which anormal seller do. I thought to adopt one kitty which cost was 3500 and with his food and tub nd nail cutter and potty tub its total cost was 5000/- INR. So i made payment of 5000rs to this man through atm in axis bank in which he shared details with me so after that i called him when ill receive my kitty he told me with in two days so i was in contact at that time with that man and after two days there was no delivery man from his side as he mentioned to me that he is going to send one of his delivery man to my place with that kitty and he is going to teach me how to feed that kitty. After that he told me that train was late from kolkata so he will reach in one day and was making me fool doing all this thing so after that he told me that if kitty will not be deliverd to me in 1 day he will send me refund .so after that one day i called that man but he was not answering my call as well as not replying to my message i called him again but same thing he didnt picked my call and messaged me that he will send money with in 24 hours and as soon as i read message and call him he switched off his phone and later after two days he told me he will give 3200 first and then remaining money so i told him to transfer on last thursday but he didnt sent any money later on saturday he told me that its saturday i wouldn't be able to transfer any money ill do neft on monday after sunday he is not replying to my message or not even answering my call. I also tried to solve this issue with help of olx but they didnt even helped me i had send all screenshot and number as well as pic of bank slip but they didnt helped me they just shown fake concern and told me to file report. I think its even there responsibility to help buyers who are getting cheated and they should verify buyers account wether it is fake or real . They only allow them to create fake accounts and let people cheat. I want ypu people to help me and take strict action against them.

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