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Personal loan fraud

Complain Detail:-> I wanted a personal loan, so he called he asked for the processing fee 5700rs and I did not have the money, then I got my salary on 3 March, after that I pay the processing fee on 4 March and Then I got a message, because of TDS your verification not happened your money transfer is unsuccessful you need to pay 16400 for TDs verification and asked for TDS, then my younger sister gave me 13000 from her juniors.Then after that another text message came asking for 21500 for NOC certificates, then I felt a bit strange and I had no money, so I refused, I said no, you cancell my loan, then he will say next day, then my sister talked with him and ask for return then he said I'll return but you can try to collect money for NOC after that you'll get your loan in just 1-2 minutes. But when I was calling him next day he said that it take time your money will return but I request him that please it's important please give me my money I don't need any loan then he say go away I will not give. Then I was calling my sister and she talked with him and he refused to give money and suddenly he start abusing her sexually abuse. It's all about day before yesterday.

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