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Fraud On Online Defamation

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir Initially they call to me and said please sir if you purchase a product from our site they there will be ensured gift but after Purchasing a product then I purchased a product of Rs 499 then again they was saying please sir paid a GST amount of RS 4500 for your winning Gift But after Paying that amount of Rs 4500/ it will revert within 24 hours in your account but after 24hours completion I called to them then they was saying sir If you want Your Winning Prices then Again you have to pay Rs 6500 then I said no I'm not able to pay further & I want my money back on original payment mode & important thing they are totally Hiddening about it because at intial stage if they said about that you will have to pay GST + INSURANCE Like that type of Scheme then I will not Pay Any Amount. Sir It's a Totally SCAM COMPANY SITE-

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