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Fraud by PayTM

Complain Detail:-> An unauthorized transaction of amount 8322 took place from my PayTM wallet (cash transaction id: 8293651410) on 28 Mar 2017 Summary of the issue: I had placed an order for a Kindle cover but later cancelled it as I had put a wrong delivery address. After few minutes I get a call claiming it was from PayTM, that to process the cancellation they need to verify my identity and OTP would be sent to my mobile. I was not sure if the person was from PayTM, so I tried to disconnect the call and tried to call at the customer care number of PayTM to check my order cancellation status. But, as is always the case the phone representative were busy even after I tried for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, the person called again and to confirm his identity I asked his name (Akash Singh) and order details of the order I placed. Once he confirmed that, I trusted that he is from PayTM and confirmed the OTP. He informed me that the order is now cancelled. After a few more minutes I see this transaction of amount 8322 took place from my wallet. I called at the number again and I was told there was some manual error due to which this occurred. It will be escalated further and amount will be credited back in 4-5 days. He even sent an email seeking further details. Meanwhile, after the amount was deducted I got a bit suspicious and tried to reach PayTM customer care again using call/website/Facebook to clarify on this matter, but unfortunately I was not able to reach again. One time I was able to reach but to hear this matter will be probed and I will be reached out. And I am still chasing PayTM customer care/cyber cell/grievance officer with no resolution. I was also trying to call the guy, and since last 2-3 days his phone was not reachable. Just yesterday, I was able to reach to him and he said they are still looking into it. I have no clue what is going on. Is this guy really from PayTM. If yes, PayTM should refund me the amount back. If not, how can detail of an order I placed on PayTM reach to him ? Could you please help me on this issue?

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