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Fake forex robot scam

Complain Detail:-> I was contacted via e-mail by a person with the name of Staphen Smith. His e-mail is He showed me a video on Youtube claiming to own a forex robot making up to 2000% per week. He said that he would show me the same results or give me my money back. The price we agreed was $550. That is where the first problem came. On the day when I made the payment he said that I must send the money to a Neteller account of a person using the e-mail We agreed that I would pay $300 and he would send the robot files. He then sent the files but didnt want to give the password until I sent the rest of the money. Eventually I agreed to send the remaining $250. He then said that the price increased and I had to pay $600. After many e-mails back and forth he said I must just pay $250 and that he would send me the files. When I received the files it was nowhere near the same forex robot and even had different name. He assured me that it was the same robot. I proceeded to fund an account with a forex broker and he assured me of good profits. The robot ended up blowing the account and all the funds in 2 days. When I demanded my money back, he just started ignoring me. I posted on his Youtube channel about his scamming ways, but he didnt seem to care. I believe that he may be part of an organized crime syndicate thinking up scams like these to trap unsuspecting people out of their money. Ip addresses connected to this e-mail indicate that the person is probably in India. Please investigate this further.

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