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Fradulant calls from Vikash Kapoor 10days hair oil

Complain Detail:-> Sir/Madam, I am Prakash, I am from Kannagi Nagar Chennai dist,Tamilnadu,, Mobile 8072356081. I am currently not working. I ordered 10 days hair oil on online shopping last year with that delivery address. 14th Feb 2020 I received register post in letter and one scratch card from 10Days hair oil with gift voucher of 12 Lakhs rupees . I received register post from nt-1, shop 8th Asyst park 1, Street no-17, Kolkata-700091. WB. In the gift card the below 10days hair oil address mentioned on scratch card. 10 days hair oil, 903, building 7, Prakash deep building, Tolstoy Marg, Atul grove road, Janpath, Cannaught place, New delhi 110001. I filled that scratch card form and i sent the scratch card to Vikash Kapoor, Whatsapp no. 7563841913.(currently working this mobile no)Vikash Kapoor is the person who handled me from 10days hair oil. Vikash asked me to pay Tds chrages rs 12000. I made payment through Paytm Money transfer 20/2/2020 In the second time I made payment of 26400 for Gst charges from Paytm money transfer 20/2/2020. Third time he called me and he said me to pay 52200 for income tax charges and clearance due then only your cheque will release and also i received one confirmation letter. And i paid rs. 31100. Today he called and he said me to pay again 18400 for noc charges. Please trace the below bank account and let me know the update sir. I made payment to below account details Bank SBI, Account name. Amitesh Kumar Jha, Account no. 20362580513. IFSC. SBIN0003838 PLEASE RECOVER MY CASH AMOUNT TOTALLY I PAID RS 79500. I am requesting you to please take necessary action on this case sir.

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