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Cheated for 2000 rs

Complain Detail:-> Hi, I had ordered one suit dress for Rs. 2000 on Feb 5, 2020 which got arrived on Feb 8,2020. The shipment details were Zareen NX creations and the name who was conencted with me on FB was Sofia Ansari. She promised me if I dint like the product I can return. The product was worst - It was not at all matching the description. Color, design everything was different. When I asked for the return, she provided me number - 9316265702 and later she blocked me. Then I checked the online reviews for this seller. There were multiple complaints saying the same. I request to take actions against them. They have looted many buyers with false products. One more number i have got from their side, they claim this is there order confirmation number - 9157060371.

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