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Complain Detail:-> Hii I get a call from the Deputy Manager parminder kaur (jasleen) +917303182267 from the IRDA department in may 2019 and they talk to get the money from the old policy due amount After opening a security of 15000 rs. to open a new account After calling a few days, O.P mehta +918979218859 he said that your profit and loss also remain. You will get that too, but you will have to do security for that, after that we given 85000 to above ? 100000. Meaning that the policy account is open in Future Generali Insurance and Reliance nipon insurance company It has been 9 months for this thing but till now no money has been received not any surety written letter not any return or anything. FGLIFE-Dear Customer, we have received Rs. 15342.00 towards Application No. D00469025 for Future Generali Pearls Guarantee. Thank you.Click on to download your Renewal Premium Acknowledgement now.-FG FGLIFE-Dear Customer, you will receive a call from 022-66021300,022-40347600,022-41033800 for verification of details mentioned in Application no. D00469025 on your mobile no. 9915500799-FG Insurance agent : sanjeev kumar Chopra +917895412659 Please help this matter Receipt attached They asked us to open an account with Security in Future General Insurance, policy has been opened. The money given by him was not given in anyone's private account and simply but he put it in the account of future Generali Insurance company Thank you for using your Kotak Debit Card X5876 for Rs18,922.00 at WWW LIFE FUTUREGENERAL on 12-06-2019.Avl bal is Rs.322.85.Not you?Visit Files name lalit arora and manish arora

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