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They hacked my mobile data

Complain Detail:-> I took a short term loan through goto cash These guys doing illegal work, in play store they mention loan tenure 61+ days minimum and loan upto 50,000 I think i can take loan of 50000 and start some kind of work but they approved only 5000 rs and disbursed only 4000 for 15 days, they charged interest 35%+ in the name of processing fees and platform fee they deduct 1000 rs from the loan amount and after 14 days they started calling me.. If i didnt attend the call then they hacked my contact list and called all my contact list.. Intead of taking any legal action these guys arr doing illegal work and i asked about that then they said govnt gives permission to hack and call all the contacts for recovery.. Pls take some legal action against them otherwise i will commit suicide bcoz these guys spolied my image infront of my loved ones Company email:-

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