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Infrared walker

Complain Detail:-> I want to bring to your attention a cheating business operating from Delhi. They attract customers through internet sites and TV shows, and sell them broken or nonworking things with COD (Cash on Delivery). They do not provide receipts. So I think it is an illegal business, and it doesn’t pay taxes to the government. They have already cheated me with Rs. 4250, and they tried to rob my money from my bank account getting my debit card number and the security number. Let me explain how I was cheated. I was looking for an infrared walker online, and found their site offering one for Rs.4250. I tried to order for it online but couldn't pay online. Then someone called me and said, they can send it to me for COD, so I pay when it reaches me. I asked if it has warranty, and she confirmed it has. When the packet arrived, I paid Rs. 4250, and accepted it. When I opened it, I found that it is a broken machine. I tried to contact them in various ways, such as email, phone, text, whatsapp, but they are not responding. Once someone called Neha asked me to send the pictures of the broken machine in the email she gave me. I did, but no one responded to it. They see my text messages, but do not respond. They do not pick up phone when I call. Even if they pick up, they avoid the real issue. Their website: Customer responses in facebook: Their telephone numbers : 7290051603, 7291866066 I talked to a man called Mr. Sharma, and two women called Manya Sharma and Neha in the first number. Looks like it is a family business run by Sharma and his wife. The item was delivered to me by a delivery company called Delhivery. The order number is HS22512. Delivery number is 3264610180736. Shipment date : Jan 16, 2020. I found their number from internet: 7356909491 and 9567761666. The one in charge is Vaisakh. I requested him to give me the name, number and address of the shipper, but they haven’t given me. Today (Jan 28, 2020), Mr Sharma called me pretending to solve my problem. He speaks only Hindi, speaks broken English. He gave me a number (9004025441) and asked me to forward a message which he sends to me. INDBPRDBNK t%2FJmyA9I95l3ursjNOo2Gd1G8Z4hN90hakzyEOj1jbk8AQW8eD%2BBcA7r4ruU0ruRoQLnUIAjt3HiZG5WGxFBoVR6itpdte6iPrepDTxq%2Bfqm0hRmBi%2BjOsTcBVIN6vhx Then he asked me my debit card number for him to transfer the amount to it. I gave him the number. He also asked me the the three digits at the back of the card. I refused to give him that number. He then sent me another message and asked me to send it to another number (9223750415). Confidential:Dont share if asked!ATa1LDnd7s3TPYVp%2F%2FaT7oZNN0sbq2nHHplNI2FHW1D2YmzRsSzYo%2F5B5HasQTBc%211b11715a5af078198b20af6eae1207c2 I then called these numbers to see who they are. No one picked up, but the phone said they are scam/spam numbers. I am sure he was trying to rob me off my money in my account. I assume that this company cheats hundreds of people all over the country everyday. I earnestly request you to interfere and do the needful so that people won't be cheated by them any more. -- Regards, John D. Kunnathu

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