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Complain Detail:-> I was told I had to act as a middleman between the USA based pharmaceutical firm called Hillcrest pharmaceuticals and a local dealer in India to buy a product called "Dhorova Oil". I was asked to buy a 1 L sample of it to present in front of the purchasing officer of the company. But nobody came to collect it. I have lost 1 lakh 16 thousand rupees. I still have the oil bottle with me. Bank accounts in which money was sent were: 1) IndusInd bank. current a/c name- MOON LIGHT, a/c no- 201002841862, IFSC- INDB0000040, BRANCH- THANE WEST 2) name- Vikram Den, Bank- Au small finance bank, a/c- 1711234114858980, IFSC- AUBL0002341, BRANCH- BORIVALI WEST A third account was given asking for an additional 58000 rupees but I declined. It was 3) Bank of india. Ramesh kumar. A.c- 705010310001007. IFSC- bkid0007050 Pan- dkjpk4566a Phone numbers used in this were: +19292811510, +12676521935, +917249575048, +12674341820, +917428972473, +918447283212, +12674176151. Email addresses used were:,,,, Company address provided was HillCrest Pharmaceuticals, 190D, Waikoloa Road, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, 96738, USA. Company website was Reference numbers of the 4 transactions of 58000, 42000, 10000, and 6000 are UR16002362, UR16002757, UA0196979235, UA0196980137. Please help me recover my money. It's a huge amount.

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