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mobikwik, shashi wines, phishing scam

Complain Detail:-> On October 19, 2019 (the evening leading into two dry days before Maharastra election), I suffered a loss of Rs. 7260 to fraudulent numbers posing as Shashi Wines. The transaction happened through my Axis Bank Debit Card and the amount was credited to an unknown Mobikwik wallet. Unfortunately, I was tricked into sharing my debit card details and OTPs with the concerned scammer. The phone numbers used for phishing are as follows: 9983747385, 8813969813 and 8572050655. The scammers coerced me into sharing my Adhaar card details with them under the pretext of refunding my amount. After sharing my Adhaar number with the concerned scammers, I was notified that two unauthorized biometric updations happened on the 19th and 20th of October, without my knowledge and consent while the Adhaar card was in my possession at all times.
 Requesting cybercell to register my complaint and take the necessary actions for the following:
1) To penalize the owners of the numbers: 9983747385, 8813969813 and 8572050655,
2) To safeguard my Adhaar information from being misused or modified without my knowledge and consent,
3) To look into the matter of Shashi Wines, Film City Rd, Municipal Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400065,
4) To penalize Mobikwik and other such wallets that allow non KYC linked accounts to function, posing a security threat to other consumers,5) To take action against fake information being provided on the internet, on Google and other such search engines that do not verify the information being shared
6) To take measures to enable that I may retrieve my lost amount of Rs. 7260,7) To take action pushing UIDAI services monitoring Adhaar to strengthen their system and safeguard citizens holding Adhaar cards against data theft and privacy breaches.
 Informing the cybercell that I have blocked the concerned debit card, locked biometrics linked to my Adhaar and have already lodged a police complaint at Vanrai Police Station, Goregaon East.
 Additional information:
I have reason to suspect that Shashi Wines, Film City Rd, Municipal Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400065 is not only aware of but also linked to the people involved in this case of phishing. Firstly, since the owner is aware of numerous phishing incidents happening in the guise of Shashi Wines. Shashi Wines has taken no real action to prevent its name from being misused in similar phishing incidents other than putting up an inconspicuous notice in its shop bewaring customers from fraud numbers available online posing as Shashi Wines. There are many similar customers who have faced similar grievances such as mine from fraud numbers posing as Shashi Wines. And secondly because of another separate incident that I experienced with the Wine shop. On the evening of October 1, 2019 (one before another such dry day), I visited Shashi Wines just as the shop was shutting. I placed my order for some goods and visited a nearby ATM to withdraw cash for the payment as their card machine was not functioning that evening. By the time I returned with the cash, the shop shutters were already shut and no employees from the shop were around. I called the afforementioned number 9983747385 and asked the person to return my bag. He asked me to wait for an employee to return. Within 5 minutes an employee returned to the shop whom I asked for my bag. Unfortunately, I did not corroborate that this returned employee was the owner of the mentioned scamming number. I waited for 15 minutes. Employees within the shop opened the shutter, gave me the Budweiser beer that I had asked for. I paid them in cash and left.

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