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I lost total amount of rs. 192000.

Complain Detail:-> Online Shopping Lucky draw winner fraud Hi Sir, I have gone through very bad phase of shopping with There was sony t.v ordered on I got some misleading call of having won INR 16 Lac 94 thousand as Mahindra XUV 500 or encashment of same on same order which was to be reverse picked up. It seemed to be Courier Company Guys hired by taking undue advantage of reverse pickup as one time they had been scolded for not bringing reverse pickup receipt, due to which they attempted fraudulent message over my mobile confirming the Lucky Draw winner of Mahindra XUV 500 or Cash Rs. 16.94 Lacs from online shopping portal. Then I choose encashment of above amount. They told me to pay current account fees of INR 8,500 and Gst tax of INR 28, 200, which due to trust on online shopping I had to do. After that I was surprised when the person told me to pay INR 55,200 as processing charges and INR 99,500 as huge amount tax which I told them to deduct from Lucky Draw but the person insisted that this needs to be done else the money you have paid till now will be non-refundable. I had lost so much money in this and still till date no money has come to me as my unlucky or lucky draw. Till now it was the NetBanking which became prone to fake callers for some reward or gift or vacation for couples. But now this has started happening with Online Shopping portals as well, as these offer lucrative discounts/offers and at times surprise people with above events which may have been done at grass root level or either as these culprits being FUKREY(WORTHLESS) in the market or bias towards some individual or else. For time being, I have filed FIR against them and the people would be caught red-handed one day. Please take the necessary action. All messages comming from BZ-SBIND OR BZ- SBIBNK.

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