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Fraud by taking bank name

Complain Detail:-> Hi Sir, I have raised the dispute in the afternoon when I got trapped into fraudulent transaction of 4900 on my citibank credit card 5241 3305 2089 4774. Currently I got the SMS saying that police camplain copy need to be submitted for the same. I reached out to police station however they suggested to go to cyber police station which is at cubbom Park to get the copy. When I reached the station.. Station was closed today. Hence filing it. Online. I tried recording the phone call. Attached phone recording. One more recording is there. They trapped me saying that cashback will be provided to your account as your reward points are expired. I have tried not providing details but they cheating me.bekow is the SMS I got after they did the transaction. I have called citibank and blocked the card and raised the dispute. Need this camplain to share with bank for dispute process. Please assist on this Rs. 4,900.00 spent on card 4774 on 12-OCT-19 at PAYTM.COM/PAYTMWALLE. Limit available=Rs. 198,854.50.If not done by you, click

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