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Complain Detail:-> Sir, this is Girija Surya Kumari, retired home guard.... received my service donation of 3 + lakhs, for my house repair n health I used 2+ lakhs and finally left with recent period, SBI Bank has put a hold on that amount stating that u have received Rajiv gruhakalpa house for which u have to pay 1 lakh but fro. 12 years u haven't paid any and hence we put a hold on that money. So I went to bank n requested them that me with no pension n left out money of 95000 only I have to live, how can u deduct the money at a go...n requested them to release the hold day before yesterday i.e., on 20th just now when m having lunch some person called me and asked stating m from SBI, ur hold money released, can u confirm ur Aadhar details, card details with OTP, so as I thought call is from SBI, I answered my balance is I have a doubt on SBI people where with my illeteracy or not knowingness, bank people might have done the crime n took my hard earn money

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