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Ravi Shukla and Niranjan Dalai

Complain Detail:-> A man named Ravi Shukla and his business executive Niranjan Dalai, are indulged in Fraudulent Practices.They are providing with jobs to work from home. According to agreement they asked me to pay registration fee of ?800. Then after the submission of the work, they asked me to pay quality checking fee of ?3000 as per agreement. I have paid that sum as it it mentioned in the agreement and refundable too. After checking the work, they again asked me to pay ?4000 of tax and it is no where mentioned in the agreement. But I have paid that too as he said it is also refundable and after paying that, he promised me to transfer my salary along with all the refundable amount within 2 hrs. But he had not paid any amount and was not picking up the call and stopped replying on WhatsApp too. After 2 days he replied and said that my saving account is not correct as salary is unable to get transferred and asked me to give salary account. I have him salary account too and again he promised to transfer my money within 5 minutes. But he again denied to pay and said that my salary account is also not correct and asked me to pay a sum of ?4000 again. But then, I had not paid any amount to him. I was out of money as my ?7800 is in his pocket. I requested him many times to give me atleast my hard earned money but he hadn't. Then, I started to talk him harshly...........In short, I felt in those men trap. He wasn't only manipulating people, but he was also backbiting his company (Web Tech Services Pvt Ltd.).His company has also fired both of them. Ravi Shukla phone number:- 8505972781 Niranjan Dalai resides in Odisha. Name:- Niranjan Dalai Account no. 917077369882 IFSC code:- PYTM0123456

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