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Fraud through G Pay UPI Transactions for Rs.60,000/-

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Most respectfully, the undersigned would like to submit that at about 17.30 Hrs on 15.07.2019, one person telephoned me for purchasing of my Sofa Set which I had placed on for sell. His mobile no- was 7268068984. He said he is ready to purchase and for that he wants to make an advance of Rs.5000/- and he will pay the rest amount in 4-5 days when he will lift the sofa set from my house. For making advance he said please talk to my manager he will pay you the advance. The manager said I have only the merchant system of payment so, please send me the screen shot of Q R Code of your G-Pay on his WhatsApp no- 8295742819. I did the same. Then he sent me the request and said me to allow proceed to payment, put your pin and get the amount. I did as he said but I did not get the amount. He said transaction is failed, so do the same again on his next request quickly and in this way he repeated the action 4-5 times saying transaction is failing all the time. After that I received a message from my HDFC bank that Rs.5000/- is debited from my account No.  00931000208635. Then I realized this and said him that money has been debited from my account. He said it was happened by mistake so I am refunding your amount. This time it was written also on the screen of his request refund amount 15000/-, but again by completing the action amount was debited from my account. Again he said this time I am refunding 25000/- and by this way he took total of Rs.50,000/- (10 times of Rs.5000/- each) from my account no. - 00931000208635 of HDFC Bank. After that I called one of my fellow engineers, Mr Biswajit Behra and told him the story. He then discussed with the fraud manager and in the name of refund that time he refunded Rs.100/- only in his account by paying Rs.50/- to him. But again he did the same process with him also and taken his Rs.10000/- (2 times of Rs.5000/- each) from his account no. - 3221000400018760 of Punjab National Bank also in the name of refund process. After that they stopped talking and switched off the phones. Thus, the total amount taken by them is Rs.50,000/- + Rs.10,000/- = Rs.60,000/-.

The amount was taken in three G-Pay accounts in the name of NIKUNJ SAXENA linked mobile no is 7268068984, amount paid is Rs.30,000/- , SADHIN MAHANTA linked mobile no is 9680788185, amount paid is Rs.20,000/- and aanil Sharma linked id is aanilsharma@sbi, mobile no is 8295742819, amount paid is Rs.10,000/- during 17.30 Hrs to 19.45 Hrs on 15.7.2019.

Therefore, the case may please be investigated and our amount may be recovered from the fraud team and proper punishment may also be given to the fraud team for such fraudulent action.

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