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Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir / Madam, Would like to give an complaint against Mr. Umesh Mudanoor, who is harassing me by sending messages in my mobile and also to my colleague 's mobile . The reason of the same is as follows :- Mr. Umesh Mudhnoor was working in our organisation and resigned, almost a year ago, after his resignation company has to do his settlement, for which told we him to contact the management for the same or go through labor court, but unfortunately almost a year he kept quite where as from yesterday (26th June 2019) he started harassing me in vulgar language and posted my pic in face book mentioning that don't give job to this person as he is a cheater . Request you to kindly file an case against him under Harassment and Deformation case of Rs.10.00 Lac INR as I am loosing job in my present company and losing my personal image also in society. The contact number of Mr. Umesh Mudnoor - 9743265445.

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