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Ravi Kumar Sharma (Fake Name)

Complain Detail:-> Sir, I wish to inform you that I am an S.B. Acct. holder of Canara Bank, Ganesh Nagar, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-18. On 17-07-2019, I received a phone call from 7070538159 (Fake name Ravi Kumar Sharma) pretending to be the Manager of Canara Bank, Ganesh Nagar, Tilak Nagar to inform that as per the new regulation from the RBI the bank accts. and ATM cards has been blocked from 16-07-2019 for all acct. holders and will be regularised after furnishing the Aadhar card and ATM card details. Based on the above he collected the details of my Aadhaar and ATM. to my surprise immediately after collecting the details he transferred a sum of Rs. 50000/- (Fifty Thousands) to CITRUSPAYKOTAKMUMBAIIN. I hereby request you to kindly investigate to trace the culprit. Thanking you Krishan Kalra

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