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Complain Detail:-> Hello Team,  I have listed my used bed to sell on OLX, yesterday one-person name Praveen Kumar approached me on phone to buy this. He said he will transfer the amount then he involved another person named Vikas "so called his manager" to transfer the amount.   Vikas said he is transferring the amount but since it is a transaction from Merchant I have to receive the amount by entering my UPI PIN. I did not understood this process so to demonstrate it he did a transaction of 1 rupee (UPI ID : 915716220475) and I entered my pin for the transaction and 1 rupee deducted from my account but then suddenly 2 Rs came in my account ( UPI ID: 915716026145).  After this I requested him to share an ID proof, attached in the complaint. then he sent me another request of 10000 Rs (UPI ID: 915716242067) and on call persuaded me to enter my PIN which immediately deducted 10000 Rs from my account. in 2 Minutes when I did not get the amount back he said he will send one more transaction and if the first transaction is stuck it whole amount will come back with the second transaction but by that time i realized it is a fraud and did not do the second transaction.  After that I called Praveen Kumar multiple times, but he did not respond. Then I checked the transaction details and it was from 9053163096@myicici (AJAY KUMAR PAL) and called him to check if someone miss using his account to do the transaction.  But over call he acknowledged all 2 other people (Praveen and Vikas) from his team. He said he will check his account and if amount if there is transaction them he will refund the amount. (call recording attached) I kept calling him but till night he kept giving one or another excuse. Meanwhile I got 3 to 4 another similar call where person on the phone want to buy my bed and to transfer the amount he wanted me to login to my UPI app so I believe there is a big gang duping multiple people. Today morning 9053163096@myicici (AJAY KUMAR PAL) called me from another number 7234802168 and said he was busy yesterday and now he wants to transfer my amount back to me but for that I should have more than 10000 in my account and tried to dupe me again but fortunately I had learnt my lesson and did not fall into trap , meanwhile today I recorded all his conversation and will be attaching in this complain. I asked him to share his picture or do a video call , which he kept rejecting and finally updated his watsapp picture which could be fake I am not sure but when I searched over internet  found that there were so many other case reported. Example: Could you please do the necessary before the fool many more? Regards, Tejpal Singh  

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