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credit card fraud

Complain Detail:-> This is bring to your notice that dated 04/02/2019 I got a call from Recovery Team that you have outstanding payment of 4 lac something, I was surprised and asked him I don’t have any outstanding please cross check you might be calling to wrong person. But he replied Sir your Details are matching with our record I asked him please let me know the details what you have then He said My Name I said that’s correct He said my father name I said that’s Correct Then He Confirm MY address which is Not Correct I said My address is not the same what are you saying but Pan# is Correct. Then they got to know this is the case of Fraud and He asked me verify your Documents will send to you one of the executive to verify the same I said OK. I provided my office address to verify the same then one of the executive with his ID details I am attaching the same he verify my Driving License with his Driving License which is totally different only name is matching with his carried Driving License (for your reference I am attaching the same). Then he contacted with his Manager over phone informing the issue that DL is not matching but Pan# is matching. Then manager/executive is asking to provide your original Document of DL and Pan# so that he will close this request and forward to next team by saying this is not belongs to you this is the case of fraud done by your name. Then I didn’t submitted my document that time I didn’t find safe I asked him please come tomorrow with proper document stating all issue that this is not your fault so I need your document to close your request and so so.. Today dated 04/03/2019 He has to come to collect the same, but before that today dated 04/03/2019 I contacted SBI Credit Card department and verifying with customer care what the issue going on want to verify is there is any card issued by my name which I don’t aware. Telephonic Conversation:- Before I go ahead I communicated all above mentioned incident and asked her to please cross verify with my mobile# 9911522110 then she checked and informed me that there is two card one is GOLD card and Other is Railway SBI card is their but one GOLD Card is closed I said Yes GOLD card I already Closed, but later on she said SIR there is another Card Showing which has overdue amount and she said this is the fraud card done by your name I surprised and said how is it possible I replied is SBI and Agent are doing fraud then I asked to check contact# and email Id linked with this because I have no idea of this Card I never received any messages or emails regarding the same all this I came to know yesterday only call received from recovery team. She provided me account# and last 2 digit of credit card number because she don’t have access to view full card number and mobile# and email id please find below details:- Card No# -> Ending with 99Account#-> 0004047457512804898 Mobile # 7291059689Email ID: - gksrivastava.0890@gmail.comAmount Overdue: - Rs. 4,05,061(Four lakh Five Thousand Sixty One Only) Then I said above details is not matching with my details these details not belong to me and I am not aware of this. She told me to mail at because she is not able to raise the request it’s getting some issue while raising the concern and she told I am going to block this card. I said ok. So as suggested by customer care executive here I am mailing you with all above concern please do the needful and remove this fraud card from my pan# which is not belongs to me this is the case of fraud done by your end or SBI executive or SBI Don’t know how it’s happened without my knowledge. I don’t want my CIBIL get negative because of SBI fault. I am going to lodge a FIR also for the same. Hope you will co-operate and make necessary action which not affect my CIBIL. Attachments:- 1)      Recovery agent ID. 2)      DL provided by Recovery agent. Note:- (Recovery Executive provided the Card# by seeing his customer list of name to visit               4041-4575-1687-4699) ___________________________________ I am attaching DL dcoument which is not mine this provided to me by Recovery Agent, On DL no information is matching with me. Kindly verify and reslove this issue ASAP. Above all detail I alreay mail to SBI bank also, Yeseterday they asked me to submit a police complain also. 

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