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Complain Detail:-> We would like the bank to return the payment made to one of our suppliers by the name of Taizhou Fudi Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. as he is refusing that the payment is duly received by him. He is claiming that his email id ( has been hacked and payment details shared with us has not been changed by him. Party claims the earlier details which he shared stand to be true rather than email which he sent later. We are attaching chronology of events which have taken place with the supplier since 27/02/2019 for the payment made through your esteemed bank. 27/02/2019-4S synergies requested the supplier to send PI for the project and the same was duly shared with us with the following bank details: Citi bank HongKong Branch 28/02/2019-PI was revised by the supplier as he wanted to change the shipping terms. 04/03/2019-Supplier started following up for payment and attached a new PI for the payment. Payment was to be routed to a 3rd country. Upon Bank’s query to confirm the details, a response a mail was sent to the supplier for reconfirmation. Supplier sent the same details for assurance and confirmation of the changed details for the payment to be made. 07/03/2019 to 12/03/2019- Regular mails were sent by the supplier to get the swift details for the payment. 12/03/2019-Bank made payment and we shared the swift copy with the supplier. To which Supplier confirmed to check with the bank. Upon checking his bank account he responded with negative and said no payment has been received in his account. Further to the above he said no mail was sent from his ID on 04/03/2019 to change the account details situated in the 3rd country. Kindly arrange to return the funds for the instructions issued by us for making the payment to the supplier.

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