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Complain Detail:-> 1. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami is running illegal Online web portal without any License or authority and does not have accreditation (Registration) for online publication. 2. That also not specified representative of News India Now who is running the above said online web portal as per the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Information and broadcasting i.e. how many online Editors, Correspondence and camera persons are working. 3. That Sh. Rajiv Dhami has not mentioned in news site / portal means a website, how much its visible content related to news and current affairs originally reported by your own correspondents and how much news is taken from outside source. 4. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami not having any License of newspaper, Magazine or online news web portal from any authority. 5. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami also not declared the source of funds for running the online web portal. 6. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami not declared the advertisement rates i.e. Advertisement running in own online web portal and also not declared the authority in which they are depositing the tax / GST amount. Sh.Rajiv Dhami also not having any GST number and prepared the book of accounts. 7. That as per rules and regulations Sh.Rajiv Dhami also not deposited the copy of news paper/ magazine, TV channel category or web news portal category in the office of Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar. Sh.Rajiv Dhami has also not take any accreditation for the journalist of the online news portal. 8. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami online web portal is neither registered nor domain is registered nor having any RNA / RNI number from any authority. Sh.Rajiv Dhami violates Articles 19 (1) (a) and 19 (2) of Freedom of Speech and Expression as per Constitution of India, violating the press council Act, violating law of Cyber Act. As such act of Rajiv Dhami is defamatory and blackmailing. 9. That as per case law i.e. Virendra Vs State of Punjab, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India held that banning of publication in the newspaper of its own views or the views of correspondents about the burning topic of the day was a serious encroachment on the valuable and cherished right to freedom of speech and expression. 10. That every person possesses a right to his reputation and therefore nobody can use his freedom of speech and expression as to injure another’s reputation. As per your news online web portal, my client has watched so many news in which Sh.Rajiv Dhami has Specifically mentioned name of the person in news without any proof that comes under defamatory statement and Sh.Rajiv Dhami has violation the law as per section 499 & 500 IPC Act and moreover they send the message to the general public at night time 1.40 AM. I have also a proof of message that comes from Sh.Rajiv Dhami mobile at night 1.40 AM and this act clearly shows the blackmailing the persons for taking extortion. 11. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami has publish the news in own online web portal without verifying its veracity and accuracy. 12. That as per Sh.Rajiv Dhami, News India Now i.e. online web portal mentioned on dated 21.08.2017 that “News India Now is a online web channel, you can watch political news, current affairs news, crime news, cultural news, sports news and other news from all over the world. We do live coverage also” and dated 20.11.2017 you Rajiv Dhami mentioned that your New India Now is a unit of Brand Maxx Network. News India Now covers live Jagrans, Mata Ki Chowki, Sai Sandhya, Mela, and other religious problem on youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram and other social platforms and again. 13. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami has also committed breach of journalist ethics or an offence against public taste. 14. That Sh.Rajiv Dhami has also enhanced the offence of blackmailing by publishing the false and frivolous news items without any right or authority and published the same in the general public through whatsapp messages alongwith your phone number as 7355000181 and Sh.Rajiv Dhami said act are defamatory, Misleading the general public, cyber crime and blackmailing. It is therefore, prayed that kindly see the matter seriously and lodge the FIR against illegal running portal in the name of News India Now because they have given misleading statement to general public and violates the cyber act, in the interest of Justice, equity and Fairplay.

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