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Unaothorized trasaction against Standard Chartered Debit Card ending with 8788

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Dear Sir,


My name is Vishnu Raja, an employee of a Bangalore-based company KnowledgeAdventure. This complaint is regarding online fraudulant/unauthorized trasactions done against my Standard Chartered Debit Card on the 6th of Feb, 2019 in the early hours.


At about 1:30am, while I was asleep, I received three debit messages from my bank. Two messages of transactions worth USD500 charged against the card and one last debit message of USD300 - all done without my knowledge, on a merchant site identified as "WWW.WELCOME.RRU" in the transaction history (screenshot attached). After the first trasaction was done, i received another SMS message from the bank saying that my debit card was charged with RS37,000 and to reply with "1" to authorize and two to not authorize the transaction. Obviously as I was not even awake, there was no reply from my end. I missed seeing these messages in the morning too as I never had any intention to make such purchases on a site that I barely knew.


Later that day, I made a couple more purchases, still being unaware of the unauthorized transactions done hours before this. When I received the latest debit message from the bank, I was shocked to see my account balance.


I immediately called the Bank and requested to block my card and lodged a complaint with the fraud detection team. I was told that the Bank/Fraud detection team would need two working days to investigate this further. Next day, I received a call from Mr. Avinash from the Fraud detection team, who suggested that I file an FIR or lodge a complaint with the cyber cell. he also informed me that since these transactions were done in USD, this case will be forwarded to their International Fraud Detection team and will need additional seven working days.


Requesting you to acknowledge this complaint and do the needful to resolve this matter with utmost seriousness.


Yours sincerely, 


Vishnu Raja

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