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Regarding RBL card fraud

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir/Madam,   i matta anilkumar gone through your website and later a call came from your customer care and they told me they will issue a credit card because of old customer for bajaj and they told me the details as for first year free and for second year onward 499 for yearly if 60 thousand above the purchase will be there that year charge will be waived. yours executive collected the documents and process started, after i got a message and in that message with application number: BFLC0006521946 and annual fee was 2999 plus tax. and added insurance of 1000 and i asked the executive he has no answer and he told to call customer care and i called and asked about the status they told it was sales persons problem. then i told to cancel the card in the mean while the card was dispatched by ending number was 9794 but i didnt take the card send back, i informed to customer card they told they blocked the card and no need to pay. and today i got a message as yours monthly statement was mailed and the amount was due with the card ending number was 8461, and how the ending numbers was changed itself, and how you send me the bill doing all the mistakes from yours end, Please rectify as early as possible,   M.Anilkumar, 9030810763, Secretary to president GITAM, Visakhapatnam.

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