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Complain Detail:-> Bajaj Finserv — bajaj wealth loan account number 123556678   1 Review   Ne  Neeraj daryani on Dec 30, 2018 Submit a Complaint       I had applied for loan.. Agent called me asked me to submit 50000 which would be added to the loan and then asked me to deposit 100000 for fd and then again asked me to deposit 100000 for 2nd fd then they started processing after 2 days i again received a call i need to submit 90000 for final fd which i spoke to the agent and got it reduced to 50000 which i paid in all.. Then i received the user id and password which was invalid.. I called them to check the user id and password they said theybare facing technical issue due to which user id and pasaword is nit working.. After 2 days i got a call from them it has been active but on the site it still says.. Invalid.. I informed the agent about it and he gave me a new option.. That they would directly transfer the fund to my account via neft but they asked charge of 41800 for it.. I asked them why should i pay i m ready to do it my self just activate the ids but due to technical issue they would not do anything.. Agent then told me he would get that refund back to my account after 3 days.. I then agreed to pay.. I paid it and called the agent to transfer the funds.. He said it would be done in next 30 min.. But 1 hr passed by.. I again called them.. He said he is working on it.. It would take 30 min more.. Again 2 hrs passed by.. Nothing happened.. I tried call them back again and again but they did not rrceivr the call.. After that a got a call after 2 days your neft amount is not paid yet they asked for 81000 neft charge stating after these charges your fund would be released..  After paying that too didi not receive any fund.. No calls answered and email responses..   After 2 days again received a call from different person your virtual account is still not active.. You would have to pay .. 75000 to get it activated.. And all the charges would be paid with DD which would be delivered to u at your address.. I have already paid around 4.75 lakhs as the loan charges now i am asked to pay 75000 more.. After that the fund would be released.. I had also filed an online consumer complaint due to which i had received and email from other loan receiver which was cheated by them.. Nor they shared any details on call or email nor they processed any funds..i have the details kf account in whcih i had transfered the funds too with all the screenshots.. And emails and call recording.. Please can you help me get my money back..   Contacted email ids Contacted numbers +919125854943 +918858227074 +918052324449 +918858227133   Please take action or urgent bases..

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  1. TeamCyber Complaint

    | Sat, 12 Jan 2019

    Subject:- loan

    Comments:- Thanks for writting to us . Please provide the payment details with IFSC CODE and bank details with account statement .


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