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My name is xxxxxx. I am from Hyderabad.Sir a company named crosoft technology that is from surat, gujarat is a data entry company and helpline email id workload., helpline.,  and helpline contact no 7046171506. One of their employee once call me and said offering you a data entry job sent me a adder proof document and i sent him and then they made a agreement  on a non judiciary stamp of my name as second party and their own as second party. Then they sent me a user and they assigned me 150 pages for data entry work 15 days time, which completed within 13 days, but when i completed and submitted my work on 14th day date next day itself i got replied that your qc result are now in website when i went and checked with website i found its mentioned qc results failed, but the data which i typed and which they sent in gmail id saying that your id. Has been terminated soon our company will contact you. So next day one advocate named tejas joshi has contacted me and saying that you have to pay 7600 for company loss due to you. So i threatened and i paid them 7600 in sbi account in barkatpura branch.. After 6 months again they called me from the number 8956019390 and saying that you have to attend the lathore criminal court due to your pending case if not possible you have to pay 15800/- for digital signature. This Intimation LETTER Informs you That Crosoft Techology has filed a case under the SECTION of 73-74-75 of INDIAN contract ACT 1872 for contract breach against you as under law that mention on THE AGREEMENT that if you have not SUCCEEDED ON YOUR JOB or NOT COMPLETED then YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PENALTY AMOUNT. SECTION 73. imposes a duty on the party seeking damages to mitigate its loss, SECTION 74. Compensation for breach of contract where penalty stipulated for When a contract has been broken, SECTION 75. Party rightfully rescinding contract, entitled to compensation A person who rightfully rescinds a contract is entitled to consideration for any damage which he has sustained through the non-fulfillment of the contract.So as you are not full fill THE AGREEMENT RULE, So that The COMPANY has take the help of LEGAL PROCEEDS for his COMPENSATION.So pay the amount as per AGREEMENT, So pay the amount as soon as possible to CLOSE YOUR FILE, IF the case being filed against you then you have in big loss of money for the LEGAL PROCEDURE.Thank you... Mr. TEJAS JOSHIADVOCATE ASSOCIATESSURAT, GUJARAT.(7203016575)Bank : SBIAcc. No. : [36200731617]Acc. Name : Crosoft TechnologyAmount : 7600/-If you want to close your file then Pay the amount today Before 04:00 PM and send the transaction receipt in my email as an scan copy.Thank You...

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