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Regarding fradulent transactions from ATMs

Complain Detail:-> I am holding a saving bank account in Punjab National Bank for the past 4 years. I wish to bring to your notice that an amount of Rs. 1,55,431/- approx. has been withdrawn from my account in Dec 2018, which has not been executed by me.   The transaction came to light accidentally when i checked my account balance on 12-01-2019 from ATM and shocked to see Rs 1,55,431/- missing from my account when i have made no tranaction and have not withdrawn the money. I did not receive any sms or e-mail for the same.   My account details are: Name: Mukesh kumar Account no:1425000100242968 Branch: chhaproula Gautam Budh Nagar Type of account: Saving   I have a marriage in my home in next month. This a fraud tranasaction from my account, as i have always put my debit card in my home only and use at a very rare case. I also have lodged compaint in PNB customer care, when i came to know. Followings are the complaint numbers: A094009497, A094009696, A094009910, A094010099 A094010282, A094010519 A094010610, A094010848 A094011039, A094011152 A094011227, A094011398 A094011474, A094011530, A094011716, A094011842 A094011932, A094012058 A094012143, A094012343   But when I go Punjab National Bank in Chhaproula, Gautam Budh Nagar, the Branch Manager Mr. R.P. Yadav, treated us so badly. I also gave him written complaint and only he signed and gave us back, he even not read our written complaint and also assault us. They also not have any information about dispute form. I also download Punjab national bank dispute form from internet and fill it and singed it by hand. He refuse to take us dispute form and treat us very badly also he unregistered my mobile number. We are in a bad situation, the bank can’t help us. Please take strict action against Mr. R.P. Yadav, the  so called Branch Manager.   I also have attached all documents regarding my fraud transactions, also lodged police FIR, bank statement copy.   I request you to take up this matter urgently to help me recover my money as early as possible.

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