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mobile phone snatched by 2 bikers

Complain Detail:-> on 2nd Jan, 2019 while waiting at my bus stop (2nd roundabout of Kalkaji, while coming from Nehru place) opp subway restaurant at the florist shop, 2 people on a bike came from wrong direction and snatched my phone from my hand and fled away. the phone had sensitive information of my office as it was unlocked at the time of snatching and had my official mailbox open. the phone was One plus 6 - with the EMEI#865300044999173 and EMEI# 865300044999165 i therefore request your assistance in tracking my phone please. it will be of great help. i have lodged an online FIR with Kalkaji police station with the FIR # SED-KJ-000015 my name is neha sehgal, resident of K- 50 B first floor, Kalkaji, New delhi 110019. phone # 9999000167   thank you Regards Neha Sehgal  

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