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Mr. Navaratan (Mobile No. : +91 84229 43475) of Fair Club / Peer Club company, had approached me via whatsapp message on 04th December 2018, that he would be able to arrange a loan worth INR 50 Lakhs for me via Peer to Peer Funding, for which I have to pay a processing fee of INR 1250 and the amount would be disbursed in my account within 3 weeks and I had made the required payment of INR 1250 via Paytm to Mr. Prakash Deepak Tilve’s (Mobile No. : - +91 7259328755) account an associate of Mr. Navaratan.   Then on 14th December 2018, Mr. Navaratan approached me again via whatsapp message stating that, if I need the same day loan disbursal of INR 50 Lakhs, I would have to make a total payment of INR 8520, an addition of INR 7270, and the payment would be disbursed within a time frame of 2 hours. I again made an additional payment of INR 7270 in good faith to Mr. Prakash Deepak Tilve’s account, hoping that the amount be credited.   However, to my surprise the amount was never credited and since then both Mr. Navaratan and Mr. Prakash Deepak Tilve are not responding to my telephone calls / whatsapp messages.   I have therefore, assumed that they have cheated me for an amount of INR 8520, I henceforth request that it is my sincere request that an appropriate action be taken against them, and so they can avoid cheating other individuals like me.   I have attached a transcript of the following:   1.      Whatsapp Chat Record 2.      Paytm Payment Screen shot

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