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Unauthorised withdrawal through ATM

Complain Detail:-> Unauthorized withdrawal from my Savings Account SBI Raghunathpur ( A/c No 11320805160) through ATM on 05.07.18 around 0.02 hrs. After noticed through SMS about that withdrawal I have lodged a complain on 05 07.18 at local PS and SBI Vasco DaGama (at that time I have located there). Till date no action has been take form bank regarding payback the amount. I am hereby attaching all related document for your review and early reversal of my amount. Regards Pritam Laha Encl: 1) Complain to Bank (SBI Vasco da Gama) and FIR to Vasco Police Station 2) Witness of CCTV footage of said unauthorized withdrawal 3) Latter of SBI Vasco to my Home Branch (Raghunathpur Branch) regrading said fraudulent transaction - for further necessary action. 4) Mail correspondence to Bank Ombudsman - Shows no action taken by them till date 5) Mail correspondence to SBI Bank Customer care - Shows no action taken by them till date

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