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Complain Detail:-> I am single earning woman, my card is cloned and withdrawal my whole amount from the account ( 67000). I have my own card. Case was first 40000 withdrawal in night at 11:50 pm and next 27000 withdrawal in next 15 minutes at 00.10 am. SBI says they are not responsible for this, they are not responsible for this but my question is, SBI is providing this facility to me if they are not able to provide me safe banking so i don't think i need to open my account in this bank if they are not able to provide safety to my many. This fraud is with me or with SBI bank if i deposit such amount of many in bank with the assurance that my many is safe there. if some one withdrawal that amount without my knowledge that means there is no security and safety and even they are not able to provide any safety of tools they are provided. What about digital india?

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